IoTT Sensors & Solutions

IoT (Internet of Things) sensors offer numerous benefits across various industries and applications. These sensors are capable of collecting and transmitting data from the physical world to the digital realm, enabling real-time monitoring, analysis, and decision-making


No. 1 supplier of ultrasonic tank monitoring devices in Europe with over 3 million devices in the field.


Indoor & outdoor data monitoring sensors for professional applications

HW Group Sensors

HW group is a Czech dynamic technological company specialized in development, manufacturing and distribution of IoT, remote monitoring and control solutions for wide range of segments:

Custom Development

Custom software and hardware solutions development to specify customer requirements


We offer optoelectronic sensors and switches for a range of industrial and automotive applications including low light level detection, gas detection, range finding and motion sensing

Various Sensors

TITAN is the Exclusive Distributor of Industrial-level and Affordable LoRaWAN, NB-IOT, WIFI and M2M Sensors. Moreover, we also test and integrate other sensors (M2M, SigFox, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth…) in order to provide ready-to-use IOT solutions. Check our latest IOT hardware portfolio here below…

Quick look at some of our sensor range
Wise Vibration Sensor

Wireless & Battery powered Condition Monitoring Sensor, LoRaWAN & NB-IoT

ATIM-Extended LoRaWAN network coverage

LoRaWAN coverage extender


LoRaWAN sesnor with status detection & industrial metering

ATIM-air quality

LoRaWAN sesnor with – CO2 / VOC / T°C / RH sensor

ATIM-Sensor Temp 2 Probe

LoRaWAN sesnor with 2 probes PT100 / PT1000 temperatures

ATIM-Cold rooms

LoRaWAN Sensor with pulse output and also the reporting of dry contact status

ATIM-Smart metering

LoRaWAN Sensor with temperature & humidity deported probes

LPWAN Sensor Hub – MODBUS, 1-Wire, RS485, Pulse, Analog

Universal data collection and transfer module running on the NB-IOT and LORAWAN network.

Room Air Quality

WIFI sensor for  CO2, Temperature, Humidity , Color touch screen

TEK898 ATEX Pressure Sensor

CAT-M1/NB-IoT Pressure Monitor (ATEX and C1/D1 approvals)

TEK790 ATEX LPG Sensor
ATEX certified LPG Tank Sensor 
TEK 822 NB-IoT/Cat-M1 LPG Sensor

NB-IoT/CAT-M1 Logger Exi With Rockester Gauge

WLD2: Quad water leak detector

Quad water leak detector with WiFi and Ethernet 

STE2 r2 Sensor

STE2 r2 can connect up to 5 1- wire sensors

TEK 871 NB-IoT/CAT-M1/2 ultrasonic level sensor ATEX

Ultrasonic 4G NB-IoT/CAT-M1 battery operated liquid level sensor 

TEK 766 LoRa Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic LoRaWAN battery operated  level sensor

TEK811 Ultrasonic NB-IoT/CAT-M1

flexible and configurable battery operated liquid level sensor with an integrated Cellular modem

4G R1520 Industrial Router

R1520 router from Robustel is a versatile 4G router with 5 x Ethernet ports, GPS and E-mark certification for in-vehicle use.