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Titan IoT: Your Source for Advanced IoT Solutions

Welcome to Titan IoT, your gateway to enhanced connectivity. Discover our range of cutting-edge IoT products, including routers, sensors, and more, designed to optimize industries and empower businesses.”

how iot will help you business grow

We have worked closely with out customers to gain a number of benefits, including

By connecting industrial equipment to the internet, IIoT allows for remote monitoring and control of operations, which can help to optimize performance and reduce downtime.

IIoT can help to automate processes, such as predictive maintenance, which can minimize the need for manual intervention and increase productivity

IIoT generates large amounts of data that can be analyzed to identify trends and patterns, which can be used to improve business processes and make more informed decisions.

 With IIoT, it’s possible to monitor industrial equipment in real-time, which can help to detect potential problems and take action before they cause harm

By improving efficiency and reducing downtime, IIoT can help to lower operating costs and increase revenue.

 IIoT allows for remote monitoring and control of operations, which can make it easier to respond to changing market conditions and customer needs.

With IIoT, it’s possible to provide customers with real-time information about the status of their orders, which can help to increase satisfaction and build loyalty.

Check out some of our solutins below

Indoor or Outdoor air quality monitoring software. Dashboards. Alerts. Reports. Management of measurement points

Level monitoring software (ATG) for Fuel and Water. Real-time monitoring of level, volume in the tank and configurable alerts

Energy Metering

Monitoring of energy consumption (electricity, gas, water, fuel oil). Calculation of indexes and consumption.

Facility Management

Monitoring of building use: presence, opening of doors, air quality, use of office desks, ventilation …

Monitoring of the location and use of your machines, equipment and tools. Calculation of hours of use. Tracking of the location and transport conditions of your shipments

Equipment supervision through MODBUS interface, either via MODBUS RTU or MODBUS TCP. Dashboards, Alerts and Reporting

Track the location of your staff. Alert in case of problem (panic button). Counting of time spent on a site. People tracking is also used for tracking elderly people, children or for business games.

Monitoring and measurement of water consumption. Alert in case of abnormal consumption, leak detection. Indexes and consumption in real time.

Air Quality

Indoor or Outdoor air quality monitoring Solutions. Hardware & Software. Dashboards. Alerts. Reports. Management of measurement points
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