VPN Solution



The first line of defense on your 

IoT & Industry 4.0 projects.

What can SmartNetVPN do for you?

  • Quick deployment of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Any architecture: star, point-to-potint or mesh
  • Automatic generation of routers and device configuration files
  • Multiplatform: connect any device
  • Fixed IP in your private network for each device, no NAT needed
  • Security and connectivity thanks to strong VPN tunnel protocol
  • Web login with 2nd Factor Authentication
  • Authentication, AES-256 Encryption and Data Integrity
  • Revocation of users and connections
  • Automatic Backup
  • Connection logs (source IP, Time, Data volume)
  • Different user roles
  • Create groups for your different proyects and customers

VPN Network Topology

SmartNetVPN is a VPN solution that automatically creates the necessary configuration for our routers, so that it is connected 24 hours a day without interruptions through VPN, creating this way: its own private mobile network. 

Forget the hiring of expensive static IP addresses for your data SIMs, forget about DNS resolution services. 

SmartNetVPN provides you with your own fixed IP address within your own private network, where you decide who has access to what. 

Under strong authentication certificates (CA) and using VPN tunnels, your data will travel safely and without losing connectivity . 

Integration with other ADSL networks, satellites, etc., using the XR5i v2 equipment. 

Connect Windows Servers, Linux, video recorders, etc to your network easily and securely. 
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