SensDesk.com: an on-line service from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices

The SensDesk.com is an on-line service from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices.  The service offers a central overview of all the values, provides sending the alarms, reporting, outputs into the Open API etc. SensDesk.com is a paid service with a monthly testing account.


3 year battery life


STE2 now featuring the second hardware revision STE2 R2 which can connect up to 4 sensors via 1-Wire and up to two detectors via digital inputs for dry contacts. The STE2 R2 is sold since May 2020.

A built-in web server is used for configuring. The device can be monitored remotely over the internet using the free SensDesk portal in combination with the SensDesk Mobile application for iOS and Android. It is supplied with free HWg-PDMS software to create graphs and export data to MS Excel.

STE2 is a device with SNMP support designated for measuring temperature and humidity from external sensors, with the option of connection to the internet via Ethernet or WiFi. In case the permitted range of values is exceeded, STE2 sends an alarm via e-mail (STE2 R2 now has an Alarms tab, where you can define up to 3 sets of targets an assign them to individual sensors) via the SensDesk portal or via SMS using standalone HWg-SMS-GW3 gateway in the same LAN.