HW Group Turn Key Solution

The SensDesk.com is an on-line service from the HW group to manage remote sensors and devices. Only the HW group products can be connected. The service offers a central overview of all the values, provides sending the alarms, reporting, outputs into the Open API etc. SensDesk.com is a paid service with a monthly testing account.

Open IoT Platfrom

Offering flexible solutions in Smart Metering and Asset Tracking is our job. We combine the power of an Low Code IOT Platform, functional expertise in several metering subfields, and the flexibility offered by a very wide range of IOT sensors available on the market.

SmartNet Monitor

SmartNetMonitor is a web platform created to centralize the supervision and control of a M2M routers network in a single, robust and secure environment. It is designed to be the control room for any IoT application. Based on latest web technologies, our platform allows the users to have access to the routers configuration, devices and its applications. Full compatible with the VPN solutions Digicluster and SmartCluster