Fibre-Optic Installation
-A new approach-

A new approach

TITAN down through the years has been involved in the design and development of advanced communications networks. These networks designs have involved Fibre, copper, wireless technologies and all the switching and routing required to make these networks Live. This has given TITAN the unique ability to design deliver purpose built networks.


Micro Trenching technology replaces the need for a traditional trench. A slot is cut 19-25mm wide and up to 300mm deep in the surface of the road.

The narrow slot makes the process extremely efficient and quick.

A special vacuum system is used to clean the slot eliminating most dust.

Micro tubes are then placed in the slot which can take up to 144 fibres.

Reinstatement of the road is achieved using a waterproof flexible material that bonds the surface back together and allow for natural expansion and contraction in the surface.


TITAN has partnered up with Stirling Llyod to develop the MTI and infill for Micro-trenching

A micro-trench reinstatement completed using the Safetrack range offers the following benefits:

  • Free flowing, self compacting material – completely fills the trench, without compaction
  • Supports the trench on both sides – providing a watertight seal and avoids long term deterioration of the road around the cut asphalt
  • Forms a strong bond between the cut faces of the micro-trench – helps the road retain its integrity
  • High modulus material – will not rut of deform under traffic
  • Flexible resin which in-situ behaves like asphalt – ensures a long & effective service life
  • Finish is flush with the road surface – no problems with standing water
  • Cold application with no hot trades – safe to apply, both for the operative and when in close proximity to the public. Ideal for multi-site utility reinstatement work
  • Exceptionally quick installation & cure with minimal preparation equipment – rapid return to service and minimum disruption to the local community