LoRaWAN Sensor with temperature & humidity deported probes

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The MR4 facilitates the remote reading of meters with pulse output and also the reporting of dry contact status. Each channel can be configured alternatively as a count or as a Boolean state of the corresponding input. The information collected is transmitted regularly via the Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks or locally by installing one or more gateways on site. Compatible with the computer and mobile versions of the ATIM Cloud Wireless web platform, the visualization of data, the remote parameterization of the sensor and the configuration of alerts according to predefined thresholds are made possible in a few clicks. Installation and start-up is done in less than 10 minutes: Plug & Play. Commonly used in cities, industry and connected buildings, the ACW-MR4 is suitable for many applications such as :

  • Monitor the meter index of different meters
  • Monitor water or electricity consumption: energy savings
  • Intrusion detection: opening or closing of a door on an isolated site (e.g. electrical substation or water treatment plant)
  • Connection to the network of the door opening and closing system in industry (loading docks, warehouses, etc.)