We Monitor Concrete’s advanced IoT technology impacts positively in the construction industry by

Lowering Carbon Footprint​

Big Data analysis to create an accurate road map for creating carbon neutral concrete, fit for purpose, and conforming to industry regulations.

Reduce Construction times

Improve productivity with real-time test results. Data reviewing determines both the actual strength and in-situ strength at the earliest possible time for the safe removal of shutters / moulds, saving costs and keeping the project on schedule.

Improved Quality Control​

Ensuring curing times are 100% accurate according to site conditions for each and every concrete pour. Full traceability  of pour, cubes and results ensuring high accuracy and reduced risk.



WMC are implementing the latest in IoT technologies, by means of wireless low power sensors, the cloud, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies,  concrete can now share and collect data with minimal human intervention. Sensors placed inside the concrete now make it more connected and Smarter – bringing intelligence to the concrete edge


By gathering and storing live information from concrete pours around the world, WMC is creating a massive knowledge base of technical data – Big Data

Through WMC’s Analytics Engine & Big Data application, it will be possible to provide design engineers and consultants reliable models to further reduce C02 emission on future builds and change building methods which will be globally adopted.

Cube Tracker

Traceability with WMC’s Cube Tracker, concrete cubes samples can now be tracked and identification with special ID chips. Designed for use in concrete with unique serial numbers identifying both the sample origin and test associated with it,  ensuring on-time testing with allocation and on time reporting to the correct customer.

Combine Cube Tracker  and WMC Concrete sensors for full traceability throughout the pour, validating monitoring to testing.


In an effort to reduce carbon emissions worldwide, the construction industry standards and customer requirements are rapidly evolving, pressuring companies to adopt greener practices to lessen environmental impact.

WMC solutions enable the adoption of these greener practices through its Technologies and BIG DATA analysis


We Monitor Concrete (WMC) is a construction technology company which provides solutions to reduce CO2 emissions through accurately measuring the strength of structural concrete & carbon neutral additions, helping to deliver a greener industry with better use of resources.

With the latest advancement in technologies and the dawn of Internet of Things (IoT), WMC’s senior managers has been in the development of the core solution for over 10 years, based on a bespoke cloud platform and next-generation wireless sensors, bringing together construction industry expertise in the science of concrete with cutting edge software and hardware.


MISSION: To enable the construction industry to comply with new regulatory requirements on climate change.

VISION: To enhance construction industry performance by delivering sustainable technological alternatives

INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE: With over 50 years experience in the construction and technology industry, WMC partner with leaders in the business to deliver more efficient & greener alternatives


Concrete curing process has now been more complicated by the Kyoto agreement and EU directives introduced in 2010 that all concrete must contain a high proportion of CO2 neutral products or waste products. These products have completely different chemical reactions. Now concrete has changed from being a very predictable product to being unpredictable. Due to this fact, an accurate monitoring is required more than ever.

Additionally, under EU regulations, all structural buildings have to be guaranteed between 25 & 100 years depending on the structure; this means liability falls back on to the owners and insurance companies.

WMC products are entirely in compliance with B.S. Standard 1881: Part 130 2013. Testing Concrete: – Method for Temperature Matched Curing of Concrete Specimens, and European Standards EN206. 

Green concrete

Ready-mix producers are now replacing large percentages of traditional cement with additions of carbon neutral products. 

Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) from the iron industry and coal dust (PFA) from power stations are examples of carbon neutral products, but these  waste products while very similar to standard cements have entirely different chemical reactions resulting in a greater requirement for monitoring.

New carbon-neutral cement additions need to be found and developed as soon as possible since GGBS and PFA have limited supply.

“To validate these newly developed  and unproved GREEN products, technology is required to monitor and test in real-time and on-site”

Fig 1. Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) from the iron industry


Technology is changing the way we work and live with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT),  things are now smarter, providing key insights which all us to make better decisions.  WMC is applying these new advanced technologies to the construction industry by making concrete smart – intelligence at the concrete edge

WMC knowledge and experience in  Cloud and Sensor Technologies, Location services, Serialisation and Computer Vision have been applied to dramatically reduce the resource requirements and costs associated with traditional concrete monitoring and sustainable developments.



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