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Monitoring and Traceability for your concrete projects

Next Generation Sensors & Cloud platform to

  • Reduce Construction Times
  • Improve Quality Control
  • Lowering Carbon Footprint

Benefits  of   WeMonitorConcrete

Reduce Construction times

Improve productivity by as much as 30% with real-time test results.

Big data analysis determines both the actual strength and in-situ strength at the earliest possible time for the safe removal of shutters/moulds.

Reduced Cube testing by verifying Strength

Improved Quality Control

Ensuring curing times are 100% accurate according to site conditions for each and every concrete pour.

Full traceability  of pour, cubes and results ensuring high accuracy and reduced risk


Lowering Carbon Footprint

Big Data analysis to create an accurate road map for creating carbon neutral concrete, fit for purpose, and conforming to industry regulations

EU regulations on adding carbon neutral cement to a concrete mix have changed the way we manage the concrete strengthening process. 

Construction solutions

Secure Cloud based system  for storing and access to applications and historical information

Central control for WMC application and access to Big Data

Temperature Matched curing

Real-time monitoring of in-situ pour and temperature matching cube samples

Temperature Monitoring of large concrete pours

Wind Turbine, Floor

Live view of Site Environmental conditions for Pour

Temperature, Humidity, Wind 

Trace and Trace  

Concrete cube and Pre-cast products traceability

..Coming Soon

WMC Cloud

WMC platform & Big Data

Our easy to use dashboard allows you to use any Internet connected device to monitor all of your site conditions & processes. This provides the visibility and data required to make more informed decisions which lead to greater efficiency.

Application admin: Centralised control of all WMC application, providing access, upgrades and training. Customer can subscribe to applications as required

BIG DATA: By gathering and storing live information from concrete pours around the world, we are creating a massive knowledge base of technical data – Big Data.

 Through our Analytics Engine & Big Data application, this data will provide design engineers and consultants reliable data models to further reduce C02 emission on future builds and change building methods which will be adopted around the world.

Centralised Applications


Temperature Matched Curing Solution

WMC has designed, tested and formally validated a sensor solution which accurately records (within a one-degree margin of error) the temperature of the concrete structure as curing takes place while maintaining the test samples at this same temperature to provide exact testing results. This solution is called CureTemp

This curing temperature is used to temperature match (control) the water temperature in the TMC tank, this results in maturing the concrete samples at the exact  same rate as the concrete on-site, which can be 24 hours to 14 days depending on the size and scale of the project.  using the latest wireless and battery technologies along with GPS location provides security, reliability and tractability from site to our cloud platform for the duration for the curing process.

The net result is that the time required to safely remove shuttering from poured concrete structures is significantly reduced and the decision making is supported by a real-time log of automated temperature measurements – human error consequently minimised.  Once the curing characteristics of the specified mix have been validated by the initial test cubes, the parallel sampling requirement is reduced to a statistically approved level resulting in further cost and time savings. 



System consists of five components

  • WMC online portal the WMC Cloud :- Provides access to the STMC application
    • Cloud access – Smart Phone & Tablets
  • RSU :–Wireless Handheld remote sensing device – measures the curing temperate of the remote pour,  provides GPS location for validity and Tractability
  • iTank :- our intelligent temperature-controlled Tank for maturing up to eight sample cubes
  • C-Trace Lite :- Track & Trace system for identification and tractability of sample cubes.
  • Centre of Excellence :– Online Product & Industry training


Large pour concrete monitoring

The main advantage of the large mass concrete pour in construction is the cost savings generated by the increase in construction time and the rapid placing of the concrete.

The Problem

One of the main unknown quantities with mass concrete pours is the heat of hydration, due to the amount of cement

The hydration of cement is an exothermic reaction and the heat developed during curing, which can be in excess of 700C, cancause cracking of the concrete. If this occurs the concrete base is rendered useless for its intended purpose.

The Solution

Having carried extensive R&D, over the last 18 months, WMC has come up with a solution using algorithms to carefully predict the temperature rise of concrete and to monitor the concrete using wireless embedded technology. This new approach guarantees that mass concrete pours can be properly monitored and preventative action can be taken to ensure no cracking occurs.

This reduces significantly the financial risk or insurance liabilities, especially for major projects with long term guarantees 

Major Civil Engineering Projects

  • Monitoring large concrete pours to save guard and rapidly identify failures such as cracking and derogation of concrete quality.
  • Monitor: Core Differential at predetermined locations on specific pours with multiple WMC Temperature sensors
  • The reason – core diff or core temp beyond tolerances.
  • Solution – Temp monitoring, live monitoring with alerting to allow customer to react and carry out preventive actions


Mass pour – Wind Turbine Bases, Bridges, Dams


Live view of Site Environmental conditions for ideal pour conditions

Real time information from temperature, Humidity and wind combined with WMC algorithms prove information and alerts on the best condition to pour concrete and liquid screeds and Alerts when conditions are not favorable 


Concrete cube and Pre-cast products traceability

Our innovative technology allows any concrete manufacturer to track and trace all of their concrete precast products from manufacture to placement.

An interactive online portal, accessible from any internet-enabled device allows users to accurately trace all products accurately and providing a complete achieve of all data relevant to the product.

Ensuring compliance with specification

Tractability of products which can be up to 100 years

European Standards now place full liability for “Failure in use” of the concrete product, onto the concrete manufacturer, for the lifetime of the product.


Tractability of concrete products

Passport or building

Industry Knowledge

“With a life time in the construction industry we partner with industry leaders to deliver a more efficient & greener industry.

Our knowledge ,innovative & technologies helping to maximise resources

Technology Partnerships


Most frequent questions and answers

No..The iTank can be installed at any location on or off site.  Our remote sensor unit is build with the next generation wireless technology allowing it to transmit its reading over any distance.

Yes. the sensor unit working in a low power mode allowed it to be small enough to fit in your hand

Yes. CureTemp is based on industry-standard BS1881 for Temperature Matched Curing

Yes. after signing up to WMC Cloud you will get access to any pour information in your profile & any historical information for analysis 

Contact one of our sales team who will set you up with the required application. When you sign in WMC Cloud you will be granted access to all your applications in your subscription. you will find training videos on the platform and/ or onsite training will be provied at time of installation or delivery.


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