Smoothtalker cellular boosters get you connected in remote areas where cellular signal is weak or no signal at all. We offer mobile, building and M2M boosters for all applications and uses where you need to improve your cellular reception.

Motorhome &Truck
Boosts RX & TX Network Friendly
Reduces Dropped Calls
Improves Device Battery Life
High Performance
Increase Data Speeds
Easy Install portable
STEALTH 4 50db 4 band


€549 Inc vat & delivery

Ideal for portacabins, mobile homes & small buildings.  For call’s & data on all networks 800/900/1800/2100Mhz Suitable for urban, suburban & rural area’s 

STEALTH Z2 60db 2 band


€ 699 Inc vat & delivery

Ideal for buildings upto 2500sq ft / 232sq M, For call’s & data on all networks 800/900Mhz. Suitable for rural areas

STEALTH Z4 60db 4 band


€948 Inc vat & delivery

Ideal for buildings upto 2500sq ft / 232sq M
For call’s & data on all networks 800 /900 /1800/ 2100Mhz
Suitable for urban, suburban & rural areas.

STEALTH X4 70db 4 band


€1750 Inc vat & delivery

Ideal for large homes & commercial buildings
For call’s & data on all networks
Suitable for urban, suburban & rural areas

STEALTH X4 70db 4 band repeater

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Ideal for large commercial buildings
For call’s & data on all networks
Suitable for urban, suburban & rural areas

STEALTH X4 75db 4 band repeater

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Ideal for hotels, hospitals ect…
For call’s & data on all networks
Suitable for urban,suburban & rural areas

Signal Booster Recommendation

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We match your signal needs with the correct Smoothtalker Booster Solution and guarantee results.
Once your information is received one of our technical experts will plot your location on our Cellular Tower Map and confirm which is the correct booster kit for you.

Complete our Site Review Form and in 24-48 hours receive:

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Trucker X4 Pro 55dB 4-Band

RV X6 Pro 4G LTE Extreme Power wireless multi-user Trucks, Motorhome booster Improves voice calls and data speeds for all cellular devices.

Mobile X4 Signal Amplifier

Highest power 50db gain mobile amplifier on the market. It amplifies signal to all Mobile devices within the amplifier’s range simultaneously.

Mariner X4 Serieser

Marine X Series Extreme Power Signal Boosters for small and large boats-vessels will improve 4G LTE (5G ready)

M2M & IoT Repeater

M2M(Machine to Machine) boosters are used for many emerging IOT technologies.

Accessories  – Components –  upgrades

Panel Antenna,4-Band 4G/5G, F Female Connector -SEMEUDP1GL

LMR400 Rigid Flex N Male To N Female

Wide Band Directional High Gain Antenna -SEMEUDA2NL

Pro-X Outdoor RG6 "F" Male "F" Female -Standard or Customer lengths

Ceiling mount antenna 4-Band 4G/5G

2Way N 50ohm Power Divider/Splitter NFE To NFE -ADCEUSPN2

X tube omni antenna 4-Band 4G/5G

4Way N 50ohm Power Divider/Splitter NFE To NFE -ADCEUSPN4


“X4-Series are our most powerful best in class signal amplifiers for any location where maximum uplink and maximum downlink power is needed. Work in remote locations up to 50 km from the nearest Mobile Network tower”

Features automatic oscillation control, network overload protection to maintain maximum gain automatically at all times.


The Stealth Z4 building amplifiers are designed to provide indoor coverage for homes, buildings, basements and underground locations that shield Mobile signal. LED level indicators make installation quick, easy and effective. Automatic oscillation control, and network overload protection maintain maximum gain and coverage at all times. These amplifiers can be used with optional splitters and antennas to provide a very large coverage footprint.

Signal Booster Recommendation

Installation service also  available when needed

What you need to know about repeaters in Ireland and Europe

A mobile repeater is an electronic device that is used to improve indoor coverage of mobile phone services like calls, texts and data. These devices are ideal for people with poor indoor reception.

There is a perception that indoor coverage has deteriorated despite the on-going improvements to the mobile networks by the mobile operators. Following a public consultation last year ComReg decided to make certain mobile phone repeaters licence-exempt as a potential solution to improve indoor reception.

These devices are usually in 3 parts; an external antenna similar to a TV antenna, an internal antenna that is placed inside the house and the repeater box itself, similar to a Wi-Fi modem placed in a home. The external antenna picks up the mobile phone signals outside the home then amplifies it inside the home giving the user improved indoor reception.

There are some online retailers selling repeaters that comply with ComReg’s technical conditions.

A list of these manufacturers can be found here. ComReg will regularly review this list to ensure that it is kept up to date. A list of suppliers and installers can be found here.

Consumers should be wary of buying devices from online marketplaces as these devices may not be compliant with ComReg’s requirements and will therefore be illegal to use. Please refer to ComReg’s List of compliant devices which will be updated on an ongoing basis.

The repeater must comply with the essential requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive so it will not cause interference.

Smoothtalker created the first FCC & ICAN approved digital mobile amplifier in North America in 2001. Smoothalker Cellular Signal Boosters are designed using proprietary Signal Processing which provides the best “Sensitivty” (ability to hear the Cell Tower) and the highest “Output Power” (Signal sent back to the Cell Tower) of any competing Boosters in the marketplace. Fully certified under the latest Network Protection Standard which makes them certified for use with all the major US Cellular Service Providers including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T Mobile. We have spend the last 15years helping customers improve their cellular signal and stay connected in even the most remote rural locations.

1)First you will need to check to ensure that it has be approved by Comreg. If it does not, it could be an illegal device. If so return it right away and report the seller to the FCC

2)If you find that it has been approved under the new rules but still does not help improve the cell signal, you will need to check installation manual to ensure that it has been installed properly. If this does not help then you will need to call the Manufacturer tech support line. They will review your specific location , repeater purchased and other site specific details to establish what the reason for no signal improvement might be.

An external antenna picks up the mobile phone signal outside of a house or office, then amplifies it inside giving the users improved reception

Why a 4 Channel repeater

There are a total of 4 different frequencies used in Ireland by the mobile networks to deliver their 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile services.

  • 800MHz (Band 20)
  • 900MHz (Band 8)
  • 1800MHz (Band 3)
  • 2100MHz (Band 1)

Each main operator in Ireland utilises different frequencies to deliver their mobile networks, with the core networks being Vodafone, Three and Eir. Depending on your network provider and distance form their cell tower you could be receiving a service on any of these frequencies, whether it is voice calls or internet connectivity. As each frequency has it advantages and disadvantages with regard to distance and data speeds.

As technologies change each provider will utilises the use of these frequencies to provide the best possible service, with a Smoothtalker Repeater system you are future proofed as all four frequencies are received in just one unit.

Who is Smoothtalker

We are a North American Cellular Signal Booster Manufacturer. In 2001 we designed the first digital mobile amplifier in North America to receive FCC and Industry Canada approval. We continue to lead with the most powerful and intelligent Cellular Signal Boosters in the world. Our products are “commercial grade” and outperform competing brands.

Smoothtalker used the many years of experience gained through hundreds of thousands of installations throughout North America and other parts of the world to develop the most sophisticated functioning boosters in the world.