IoT Products

M2M & IoT Products & Solutions​

3G/4G/5G routers

4G industrial and Soho routers provide perfect solutions for M2M applications

IoT Platfrom

Flexible IoT platform to Monitor, View and Alert on your specific project


Long range Wireless and wired sensors. From Temp & Humidity to Machine monitoring


Antennas to complete the connection. GSM, WiFI, LoRA,UHF...and new Beam Stearing technologies


Create secure and stable connections to your remote devices and machines

Robustel Gateway

LoRa WAN Gateway

Industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateway.15KM coverage

Custom Solutions

Design and build service for costume applications

Our range of Products and Solutions

 IoT is about connecting everything around us to gain insights into how we can improve the efficiency of our cities, the productivity of our factories and the safety of our transport systems.

Recent advancements and cost reductions in Smart devices, sensors, communications, platforms and analysis of big data has opened up new opportunities. TITAN’s extensive experience in each of these sectors gives it the skills to develop industry focused solutions, solutions that will benefit our customers by reductions in downtime, increased efficiency, smart maintenance and overall increased productivity.


Horus CBM

Machine CBM

Early fault detection on machines, monitor motors and pumps remotely

IoT Factory Air Quality

Air Quality

Monitoring our Wellbeing in public and private places



4g connectivity and battrey power wireless detection

Energy Sector

Remote control and supervision



Secure transactions

bottle banks

Bottle Banks

Fill level monitoring to reduce rubbish and intelligent pickups