TEK 898 CAT-M1/NB-IoT Pressure Monitor (ATEX and C1/D1 approvals)


Supplied with a pressure level sensor, the battery powered intrinsically safe liquid level
logger is suitable for monitoring tank levels.

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• Liquid Level Pressure sensor
• Fuel (Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene, other).
• Oil and waste oil, lubricants, coolants, additives
• Water, chemicals (subject to compatibility)
• Tanks
• Fixed or mobile
• Underground
• Spot and continuous inventory measurement
• 0.3 bar / 5m cable provided as standard. Other options available on request


• Accurate, reliable tank level reporting to server monitoring
• Highly configurable server reporting interval from hourly to
once per month
• 28 slot logger with configurable logging interval
• Optimise delivery or collections
• Programmable Alarms
– High level
– Low levels
– Rate of level change (fill or drain)
• Reports local temperature, radio signal strength, and battery
• External antenna option for underground locations
• Remote re-configurability
• Plug and play installation
• Mounting/attachment options – wall/pole
• International compliance.

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