Smoothtalker Car Mobile Repeater

Mobile X4 50dB 4-Band 4G/5G Ready LTE Extreme Power Wireless Mobile Network Signal Amplifier

Ideal for portacabins, mobile homes,  small buildings & Vehicles.

  • Extreme power wireless multi-user vehicle amplifier
  • Improves 4G LTE and 3G voice calls and increases data speed for all mobile devices
  • Self regulating, easy to install, no maintenance required
  • Rugged cast aluminum housing for reliability
  • Ideal  for remote locations GREATER than 10 km and up to 50 km from the nearest  mobile network base station antenna tower

Four Frequency Bands

800MHz Band 20, 900MHz Band 8, 1800MHz Band 3, 2100MHz Band 1


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The Mobile X4 is the highest power 50db gain mobile Amplifier on the market. It will keep you connected where other
Amplifiers fail. It boosts signal to all cell phones and Mobile Network devices within the Amplifier’s range simultaneously.
This is a wireless Amplifier that does not require a physical connection to the cell phone or Mobile Network data device.
The Smoothtalker Mobile X4 Extreme Power Amplifier is the most technologically advanced wireless mobile network
signal Amplifier made. It features proprietary “stealthtech technology” that prevents shutdowns from poor antenna
placement and changing environment. This Amplifier has 50dB of gain and provides coverage throughout your car,
truck RVs,Boats, work trailers. The Mobile X4 can keep you connected up to 30 mi. (50km) from the nearest tower.

How Large an Area will it cover

Coverage area is affected by the outside signal level and the Amplifier rated gain. Generally the Amplifier will
cover the entire area of a car or pick up truck. (Note: when used in large size vehicles or large size boats the
coverage area may be reduced in very low outside signal levels.)


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