Easy Installation

• Magnetic base fixes to most machine surfaces
• Self-calibrating and self-testing
• No wiring, no plugs, no cabling
• No training required

Horus Sentineltm is an Autonomous Monitoring Unit (AMU) designed for early detection and warning of machine faults on low cost assets for which the economics of such monitoring have been  raditionally prohibitive.
Horus Sentineltm combines thermal, vibration, and acoustic measurement sensors with advanced algorithms that learn the characteristics of the machine being monitored. Deviations from this learned behaviour are assessed by Horus Sentineltm and a decision made as to whether to flag an alert.
Horus Sentineltm utilises lowbandwidth LoRA,SIGFOX and NB-IoT connections to wirelessly transmit its assessment results, which can be readily integrated with existing Building Management Systems and a variety of dashboards.


The Horus Sentineltm is a highly
flexible low cost solution ideally
suited to the monitoring of a
variety of machines, including:

  • • Water Pumps
    • Water Chillers
    • Water Softeners
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • Refrigeration Systems
    • Air Conditioning Systems
    • Boilers and Heating Systems


14-bit 3-axis-accelerometer
0.244 mg/LSB sensitivity
50 Hz acquisition rate
Proprietary dual thermal sensor
system with ambient environment
– machine surface differential
6V supplied by internal battery
>12 months lifetime
100 Hz – 2.5 KHz monitored band
Proprietory ambient acoustic
elimination and auto-gaining
NB IoT Band 8, Band 20, Band 28
150 x 80 x 50 mm